FAQ: Things you should know


Q: How long does installation take?

A: Depending on network speed, installation should take 3-4 mins, not exceeding 10 mins long.

Q: Can I still provide services during installation?

A: Services will be temporarily unavailable during installation. 


Q: What updates and installations will take place on my edge device?

A: Allxon Agent will automatically be updated to the latest version, with a new customized plugIN included to enable Trend Micro™ services as a security add-on. TMIS Agent will then be installed onto your edge device. 

Q: Which platforms are supported?

A: We support the latest JetPack 4.6 version and onward. We suggest using newer versions for the best experience. We also support the following NVIDIA Jetson models:

  • NVIDIA Jetson Nano
  • NVIDIA Jetson TX2
  • NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX
  • NVIDIA Jetson AGX Xavier
  • NVIDIA Jetson TX2 NX 

Q: How does Cyber Security at the Edge protect edge devices?

A: With exclusive services by Trend Micro IoT Security™, Cyber Security at the Edge blocks threats and reduces attack surfaces using: 

  • Trend Micro Web Reputation Services (WRS) to blacklist web sources by matching open source libraries to check for known vulnerabilities, 
  • Hosted Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS) to block suspicious traffic and activities by matching content to their world-class network packets.
  • System Vulnerability Scan (SVS) to run high-level tests to detect and classify weaknesses and deploy virtual patches to shield systems from further attacks. 

Q: How much storage will I need?

A: You will need 102.3 Mb to install Cyber Security at the Edge. 

Q: What happens after the 90 day free trial expires?

A: The Trend Micro IoT Security license key will be suspended and Cyber Security at the Edge will be deactivated.