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How to Instantly Resolve System Errors in Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Don’t be afraid of inevitable system errors in autonomous mobile robots (AMR) disrupting warehouse efficiency. Allxon Out-Of-Band Power Cycling gets your AMR back on track in just a click of a button!

In this tutorial, you will learn how to use Allxon Out-Of-Band Power Cycling to: 

  • Instantly fix OS errors  
  • Reset AMR 
  • Recover edge systems to a working state  

The deployment of AMR in smart warehouses have accelerated the retail industry like never before. To help fulfillment centers keep up with the world’s retail consumption, Allxon provides a powerful tool to keep AMR operating systems working at an optimal level. 

Allxon Out-Of-Band Power Cycling 

Allxon Out-Of-Band Power Cycling is a quick, safe, and environmentally-friendly solution used to instantly remote tackle technical issues. Featured on Allxon Portal, the power button can be used for: 

  • Instant fixes: Power OFF and back ON AMR edge systems to instantly resolve OS errors or network crashes. 
  • Reset: Power OFF AMR completely to reset operating systems. 
  • Recover: Remotely power cycle unresponsive edge systems to re-access and recover AMR to a working state. 

Fuss free! Save on time, save on money, and keep AMR operations running seamlessly with Allxon’s Out-Of-Band Power Cycling. 

👉Contact us to experience Out-Of-Band control on your device or explore other devices with Allxon Out-Of-Band technology.