How to Reduce Operational Risks with Out-Of-Band Features when Managing Smart Cameras

Just one smart surveillance camera equates to hundreds of eyes in a smart warehouse, optimizing business flow and enhancing security. But will operations collapse when vandalism occurs to these smart devices? Luckily, Allxon provides the solution to camera tampering with its most innovative Out-Of-Band technology.


Stay ahead of camera security with the first cloud-based OOB management technology to exist. Using simple SaaS technology, Allxon brings any hardware device onto the cloud, thus providing you with the most intuitive tools to remotely manage devices and promote disaster recovery at scale.


1. Monitor your Operations

As soon as camera tampering is detected, you will be sent a notification. Simply log onto Allxon Portal external link icon to see the current statuses of your devices and monitor operations to take immediate action when you detect red flags. 

2. Power Cycling: Instantly Solve System Errors

Whether natural or intentional, surveillance video disruption is bound to happen, Allxon’s Out-Of-Band Power Cycling offers the easiest and fastest solutions to tackle any technical issues that occur on the camera by remotely turning OFF and back ON your edge systems with a single click of a button.


3. Power Back ON

Simple and quick solutions for rapid problem solving are critical for workplace surveillance cameras to run efficiently. Using the Power back ON feature on Allxon Portal, users are given the remote tool to instantly turn systems back ON even when they appear unresponsive. All the while saving time, operational costs and optimizing operations.


Smart cameras will inevitably be tampered with at some point in time. But, finding a solution doesn’t have to be tedious and time-consuming. Allxon’s Out-Of-Band services offer the fastest disaster recovery technology to date and allow for customized tamper detection needs, keeping all businesses and all services ON. 


What are you waiting for? Find a device with Allxon’s Out-Of-Band technology now and experience an all-services integrated platform. Tailor tamper detection to your needs and give yourself the most sufficient and scalable disaster recovery tools for your smart cameras.