Allxon Release

What’s New?

January 2024, v3.9.0 Release

  • Fixes
    • Integrated Allxon's OTA Artifact Toolkit into the Allxon CLI to improve stability and operational flow during command execution.
    • Simplified error reporting with a user-friendly debug-log upload feature for a smoother troubleshooting process.
    • Enhanced the time zone setup process through automatic time zone synchronization during Agent Installation.
  • Components
    • agent-x86_64-3.09.2003
    • agent-aarch64-3.09.2003
    • agent-win-3.09.2003
    • CLI 1.5.0

December 2023, v3.8.9 Release

  • Fixes
    • Enhanced Allxon CLI for better user experience during command execution.
    • Streamlined Allxon Agent installation for an efficient and user-friendly process.
  • Components
    • agent-x86_64-3.09.2002
    • agent-aarch64-3.09.2002
    • agent-win-3.09.2002
    • CLI 1.4.0

November 2023, v3.8.8 Release

  • Fixes
    • Improved the Issue Report mechanism, making submitting issues and problem-solving simpler and faster.
    • Enhanced  Allxon Agent installation process and operation with prompt messages for more effective user guidance.
    • Streamlined the Agent installation flow and OOB Enabler configuration process, enhancing the overall user experience.
    • Optimized Allxon Agent and resolved issues to improve overall stability and reliability.
  • Components
    • agent-win-3.09.2001
    • agent-x86_64-3.09.2001
    • agent-aarch64-3.09.2001
    • agent ui 1.1.9 Release
    • CLI 1.3.0

October 2023, v3.8.7 Release

  • Fixes
    • Fixed issues related to the OOB configuration of the Allxon Agent on the Windows OS.
    • Fixed issues with the network diagnosis of Allxon Agent installation.
  • Components
    • agent-win-3.08.2006
    • agent-x86_64-3.08.2005
    • agent-aarch64-3.08.2005
    • agent ui 1.1.8 Release
    • CLI 1.2.1

September 2023, v3.8.6 Release

  • Fixes
    • Enhanced the device-adding process through the use of a security token.
    • Improved log collection procedures during the installation phase.
  • Components
    • agent-win-3.08.2005
    • agent-x86_64-3.08.2005
    • agent-aarch64-3.08.2005
    • agent ui 1.1.7 Release
    • CLI 1.2.0agent-aarch64-3.08.2005

September 2023, v3.8.5 Release 

  • Fixes 
    • Improved the internal installation process and removed unnecessary dependencies.  
    • Addressed the issue of missing packages after agent-ui installation.  
    • Centralized the download temporary path to a unified folder, located at /opt/allxon/tmp/.  
    • The enroll process is now executed through CLI, providing clear error messages for enroll-related actions. 
    • Added capacity display information for Default Directory Storage.  
    • Fixed auto-link malfunction after Allxon Agent upgrade.  
    • Rectified functionality of installing Allxon Agent with --bsp flag.  
    • Directed Allxon Agent installation to a singular entry point.  
    • Corrected non-English language Windows systems' Send command return result.  
  • Components 
    • agent-x86_64-3.08.2005 
    • agent-aarch64-3.08.2005 
    • agent-win-3.08.2005 
    • agent ui 1.1.7 Release 
    • CLI 1.1.0 
    • Plugin Installer 2.4.2 

August 2023, v3.8.4 Release:

  • Fixes
    • Resolved instability issues with OOB pairing on Linux devices.
    • Improved the functionality of proxy and transparent proxy (external-ca).
    • Enhanced security by utilizing fetching root certificates for agent installation.
    • Addressed potential abnormal uninstallation problems with Allxon Agent on the Windows OS.
  • Components
    • agent-x86_64-3.08.2004
    • agent-aarch64-3.08.2004
    • agent-win-3.08.2004
    • agent ui 1.1.6 Release
    • CLI 1.0.7