Create Sub-Groups


Last Update: August 9, 2022


Create Sub-Groups

  1. At any page on Allxon Portal external link icon, click on on the top left corner to enter the Group Management page.

  2. Click on  besides the group name to create a sub-group that is one level lower in the hierarchy.

  3. Copying Group Settings
    1. Click on "Skip" if you want to create a new sub-group without copying settings from other groups.  
    2. To copy the group settings, select a source group, and select the settings that you want to clone to the new sub-group. Click on "Copy".

  4. The new sub-group will be created and shown on the list.  Click on the > to collapse or hide the sub-groups in the group hierarchy.

  5. Once the sub-groups has been created, users can navigate between the groups at any page on Allxon Portal by clicking the group name on the top banner.

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