How to Ensure All Digital Signages are Performing as Expected in Multiple Shopping Locations

Allxon helps you monitor and receive alert notifications about your signage displays, via instant messaging or email, so that you can take a break from hours of on-site inspection.

In this tutorial you will learn about Allxon’s 4 main alert notifications:

  1. Connection Alerts
  2. System Alerts 
  3. Display Alerts
  4. USB Insert Alerts

        Stay Informed, On the Go !

        Digital signages have proven to have a positive influence on a customer’s buying decisions.  Allxon helps retailers consistently communicate their products to their customers by assisting with the monitoring and management of digital displays.

        On Allxon portal, you can set up different alert notifications based on different applications:

          1. Connection: a stable connection ensures digital content has been successfully loaded without disruption. When a connection has been disrupted, Allxon instantly notifies service providers with an abnormal-offline notification.
          2. System: the system is the heart of a digital display. Allxon helps to keep an eye on all system health by monitoring its storage and operating temperatures. Service providers are informed with alert notifications such as high system temperature, storage almost full, high CPU usage etc. 
          3. Display: the display of a digital signage needs to operate uninterruptedly to ensure money is well spent on marketing strategies. Allxon detects inconsistencies and instantly notifies with alerts like player black screen, monitor lose signal, monitor off etc.
          4. USB Insert: digital signages can be a great way for retailers to build their public image. Allxon assists in making sure the correct media files are being screened, by keeping digital signage systems vigilant and safe with USB interference detection. Upon suspicious behavior, Allxon notifies service providers with USB inserted, unlock USB password error, or USB camera abnormal notifications.

        Setting up instant message or email notifications to help monitor multiple digital signages can save you a lot of time running around from one shopping location to the other. Allxon’s alert notifications keep you up-to-date so that you can instantly resolve technical issues as soon as they surface. 

        Take a break, stay alerted

        And keep all your digital signages running smoothly, safely, and consistently with simple technology.

        💡  Note

        Allxon’s alert notifications feature is a versatile application that can be applied on any solution beyond digital signages at shopping locations.