How to Manage Multiple Devices Using Group Management Tools

Managing 100,000 devices across platforms, brands, or projects doesn’t have to be tedious. With Allxon’s group management tools, you can efficiently manage all your device settings, in just a few clicks.

1.   How to create different kinds of groups

📍  Create it      Name it      Group it !

Allxon’s group management tools allow you to organize and categorize devices according to your needs. You can start by thinking about what categories you would like your devices to fall under. For example:

    • Locations: create a group according to where your devices are located e.g. country, city, road etc.
    • Clients: create a group according to the name of a company e.g. Carrefour, Lidl, Tesco etc.
    • Projects: create a group according to the type of projects you are working on e.g. retail, manufacturing, transportation etc.
    • Device Types and Applications: create a group according to different types of devices and applications e.g. 75 inch interactive digital signage, 200 inch digital posters, smart kiosks etc.

Once you have created and named your groups, you can add your devices into each group accordingly.

      Grouped it      Sub-group it !

You can also create sub-groups under a main group to make it easier for you to manage your devices on different scales. 

For example, using the above groups we just created (locations, clients, projects, device types and applications), you may organize your groups according to the following structure:
GM-3 (small)

💡  Note

<Benefit> You can choose whether you would like to apply new device settings on a mass scale (main group), or on a smaller scale (sub-group).

2.   How to replicate groups

📍  Replicate it      Rename it !

If you would like to create a new group with the same group settings as an existing group, you can simply replicate the group and then rename it to save you time on recreating groups with the same settings.

📍  Replicate it      Rename it    Modify it !

You can also use the group management tool to create groups with similar group settings by replicating an existing group, renaming it, and then modifying the existing group settings.

Once you have finished creating all your groups, you can start inviting other users to manage the group with you. By then, you should have already assigned different responsibilities and access rights to each user so that each user will be able to perform different tasks in each group.

3.   How to manage multiple devices with remote device features

Allxon’s group management tools save you hours going through thousands of devices individually. With group management, you can modify settings, apply policies, or deploy new updates to all your devices in a click of a button.
Here are some of the features you can manage or set up on Allxon Portal:

    • Power ON/OFF: apply a new time schedule to power cycle your edge devices. 
    • Alert Notifications: modify which alert channels (email or instant messages) and which types of alert notifications you would like to receive from a group of your devices. 
    • Software Watchdog: modify and apply new Software Watchdog settings to different device groups. 

With our group management tools, we help you manage the unimaginable.