July 2023: Allxon Portal 3.22

Attention all Users! Allxon is proud to announce the official launch of our brand new Provisioning Playbook feature to make provisioning for fleets of devices even easier! For more information, check it out here.

What’s New?

Group Settings Enhanced!:

We've simplified the device configuration process for you by bringing all the settings together onto one page. Now, you can automate setup for new devices, manage group-level configurations effortlessly, and customize time zone settings for individual devices within groups.


*To configure settings within the device profile page, simply click on the Edit Group Settings button. This will redirect you to the Group Settings page where you can make group-level changes.

Single Device Settings Empowered!:

Now, you have the flexibility to set up the Time Zone for individual devices. Simply disable the Group Time Zone function in the Group Settings Page, and navigate to the Device Profile Page to configure the settings.


UI/UX Enhancements

More Filters Please!:

We’ve upgraded our filters on the Plugin Page, allowing you to quickly discover plugins based on operating systems and architectures.


*Announcement: The Cyber Security at the Edge feature is discontinued service. Please note that this feature will no longer be available in Allxon Portal