What’s New In August: Allxon Portal 3.03.2005

We have tweaked and added a few things to make remote device management even easier for you. Check out these new features on Allxon Portal.

What’s New? 

The little man「brody1」and his helper「brody2

  1. Adding teammates and colleagues just got easier! Click on the little man「brody1on Allxon Portal and he will send out an email invite to the email address you enter.
  2. Let Allxon’s tooltip helper guide you through our Portal. Mouse-over the「brody2」for more information, especially on the Device List and Device Profile pages.

UI/UX Enhancement

Get ready for efficiency...

  1. We have added a new tab in the Device Profile page with all the remote control actions neatly presented. Click on the Monitoring tab to instantly perform actions like “Send Commands,” “Take Screenshots,” “Get Device Logs” etc. alongside each other. 
  2. Wait there’s more! Under the Monitoring tab, you can also instantly set up and modify alert or log collection settings for the device and the group it falls under. 


That’s all for August! Don’t worry, you will be hearing from us again, soon!


Yours truly,

The Allxon Team