What’s New in Apr 2023: Allxon Portal 3.19

What’s New?

Device List Interface Update!: The latest version of our device list interface is ready for you! We have newly designed device filters to help you quickly locate devices by their status, OS, and OOB activation. No more scrolling through endless lists! 


Plug It In!: The all-new VST plugin, specifically designed to facilitate the development of your IVA applications is now available on Allxon Plugin Station. Head over to Allxon Plugin Station to check it out!


Storage In Check!: Let’s welcome the new alert notification on the portal, which informs you when your device storage is running low. Stay up-to-date with the latest storage information for your edge devices.

UI/UX Enhancements

Filter, Please!: No more sifting through a sea of plugins to find what you need. Now you can find your plugins in an organized and easy-to-navigate way. Say goodbye to the plugin chaos and hello to our new Tagging Filter!

Take Command Like a Boss!: You can now send the same command to multiple devices at once! Whether you're managing a large fleet of devices or just looking to streamline your workflow, this feature makes it easier to eliminate inconsistencies across your devices, while also enabling you to monitor and manage them from a centralized location.


It's Delete-cious!: By utilizing the new Delete Invitations feature in the Operators List, there is no need to keep unanswered or mistaken invitations on standby. Simply delete them and streamline your list for better management!