What’s New in May 2023: Allxon Portal 3.20

What’s New?

Device List Interface Updated!:

Say hello to our latest device list interface! With the ability to take screenshots directly on the list and a more convenient location for pinning devices, you can now benefit from an enhanced, simplified device management experience!


Activate It!:

Users who would like to use OOB Enabler without installing Allxon Agent can now activate OOB Enabler directly from the device list - just one click and you're good to go!

UI/UX Enhancements

Track Your Every Move!:

The Activities tab in the Device Profile Page now have new enhancements such as activity processing status bar, success and failed indications, activity details, and history.


Plugin Management Power-Up!:

You can now view the system architecture of the plugins you've installed in the Manage Plugin page. With this added visibility, you can have greater control and insight into your account’s plugins.


You Should’ve Known Better!:

The Console Output in the Send Commands card now clearly indicates the reason for any unsuccessful execution, providing you with a better understanding of the issues that occurred and helps you to quickly resolve them.



Keep It Accurate!:

With the release of Agent 3.08, we have improved the accuracy of storage details on your edge AI devices for better utilization of storage capacity.