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Use Allxon Image-Based Over-The-Air Updates on NVIDIA® Jetson™ Devices

Get the newest JetPack version via Allxon BSP OTA Updates


In this tutorial, we are going to guide you through the BSP OTA Updates process

on your NVIDIA Jetson edge AI devices. Here is the BSP environment you will need:

  • Base BSP: JetPack 4.3    (L4T 32.3.1)
  • Target BSP: JetPack 4.6 (L4T 32.6.1)
  • Verified BSP Artifact: 9bf26bcde396b1143ae23b82e95352be-Allxon_OTA_Artifact-L-aarch64.tar.gz


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What You Will Need:

  1. NVIDIA Jetson systems with stable network connection.
    (Allxon Agent is running on v3.04.2003 version or higher. Click here to update.)
  2. Host device with stable network connection.
    (Device that can log in to Allxon Portal.)
  3. BSP artifact provided by Allxon.
    (Contact Allxon or your hardware vendor for the BSP artifact.)


1. Get Your BSP Artifact

BSP artifact is a highly customized content file that requires strict verification by both device hardware vendor and Allxon. Once the artifact has been tested and verified by your hardware vendor, the artifact will be uploaded to your Allxon Portal.

Log in to Allxon Portal and head over to the OTA Deployment page. The verified BSP artifact will appear in the Artifacts list.

💡 Note: If your BSP artifact doesn't appear in the Artifacts list after verification, you can contact Allxon or your hardware vendor for more support.  

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2. Start OTA Deployment 

How to deploy BSP Artifacts:
  1. Click on the Deploy button in the Artifacts list.
  2. Select the device group you want to deploy, and select the devices in the All devices list on the right. Then Click on the Next button.

    💡 Note: Only the devices that are online and running on Allxon Agent v3.03 or higher will be shown in the list.

  3. Preview your OTA deployment and click on the Deploy button.
  4. The OTA deployment activity will appear in the Deployment Activities tab. Click on the artifacts listed under the Deployment Activities tab to view the Deployment Detail.

3. Update the BSP on The Target Device

Estimated time: 20~40 minutes (depending on the device's network speed)

Scroll down the Deployment Detail pop-up window to check the deployment status.

  • Downloading progress:
  • Executing progress:
  • Successful deployment:

After successful deployment, the target device will reboot and start the system initialization and file restoration.


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4. Initialize the System & Restore Allxon Agent

Estimated time: 5~10 minutes

After successful update on the target device, the system initialization pocess will start along with the files and directories restoration. The system will reboot automatically after the system initialization and files restoration.

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5. Update Complete

  • The BSP on the target device is successfully updated. 

  • Follow the steps below to check the update.
    1. Copy and paste the commands below to check the JetPack version on the target device.
    cat /opt/version
    cat /etc/nv_tegra_release

    2. A sign will appear after successful restoration.

    3. A sign will appear in the Devices list in your Allxon Portal.

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It’s a Wrap 

Allxon BSP OTA Updates is a simple, smart, and secure solution designed to help you efficiently update your NVIDIA Jetson edge AI devices. As an NVIDIA Jetson Preferred Partner and the only BSP OTA cloud solution provider, Allxon brings you a premium OTA update experience to ensure your devices run on the latest JetPack versions for optimizing your AI applications.

Check it out here or contact us for more BSP OTA information.