3 Adaptable Cloud Architectures
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Connect to your AI/IoT infrastructure however you like with three different cloud architectures to choose from: Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and Edge. Allxon's cloud technology supports different applications and network environments to ensure you can enjoy all the benefits of smart operations management.

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Image-Based Over-The-Air Updates for NVIDIA® Jetson™ Devices

Allxon BSP OTA Updates is a simple, smart, and secure solution designed to help you efficiently update your NVIDIA Jetson edge AI devices. As an NVIDIA Jetson Preferred Partner and the only BSP OTA cloud solution provider, Allxon brings you a premium OTA update experience to ensure your devices run on the latest JetPack versions for optimizing your AI applications.

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Benefits You Could Get!


Customize BSP OTA Artifact

Get a highly customized BSP OTA artifact that is verified by both Allxon and world-class hardware vendors, and a deployment script that meets your needs.


Conduct Regular Updates

Instantly conduct regular updates and tackle time-sensitive application vulnerabilities at scale.


Reduce Operational Costs

Eliminate the need for in-person maintenance and field services to significantly reduce operational costs.


Why Do You Need Allxon?

  As an NVIDIA® Jetson™ Preferred Partner and the only BSP OTA cloud solution provider, Allxon can support you throughout your edge AI project lifecycle.

  Allxon has long-standing partnerships with multiple key IHV ecosystem players and stands firmly as a remote device management SaaS service provider to also help bond IHV and ISV businesses together.

  Allxon provides the most complete and seamless Cloud BSP OTA solution for you to simply manage all your devices on a single cloud portal and effortlessly elevate and streamline your workflow.

3 simple Steps!

Step 1
Step 2
Step 3

Initiation & Configuration

  • Identify customized BSP OTA requests
  • Confirm the feasibility of the update requirements
  • Confirm content files
  • Check network environment
  • Preparation

  • Prepare and generate BSP OTA content files as required
  • Prepare deployment script accordingly
  • Generate BSP OTA artifact
  • Deployment & Update

  • Deploy your BSP OTA artifact and update now!
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    Let's Get Started

    Deploying Edge AI at Scale with Allxon BSP OTA Updates

    There's more! OTA Services 

    On top of BSP OTA updates, you can also elevate remote device updates with Allxon OTA Services. Discover how to effortlessly update edge AI devices with a seamless, efficient, and secure portal that handles a wide array of files. Say goodbye to manual updates that compromise device performance and try now to revolutionize your device management experience with Allxon.

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    Using OTA Services to remotely update your edge AI devices

    Let Your BSP OTA Journey Begin!

    Allxon is committed to making fleet updates more streamlined for you. Do not hesitate to let us know how we may assist you!

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