How to Simplify Edge Device Management in a Post-Pandemic Era Using Real-Time Alert Notifications

Managing technology in a post-pandemic era doesn’t have to be stressful. With thousands of edge devices installed globally at breakneck speed, Allxon provides real-time device alert notifications on the most used channels to ensure you can monitor and stay on top of all your services remotely in the simplest, most flexible way! 

In this tutorial you will learn about Allxon’s 3 main instant alert channels

1. Email

2. Slack

3. LINE 

Allxon makes it easy for you to set up the alert notifications you want to receive on the devices you want to monitor so that you no longer need to worry about regular on-site inspection. Only take action, when action is needed! 

You’ve Got Mail!

Allxon Portal provides SMTP functions that allow users to set up SMTP and alert emails so that you can receive instant alerts when your devices appear to operate under abnormal conditions. 

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“Be Less Busy” - Slack 

Just as Slack’s motto suggests, with Allxon’s alert notifications feature, you can use your time more efficiently and receive alerts, via mobile or desktop, about your device statuses. 

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Allxon ensures partners and users in and around Japan, who use one of the world’s top messenger apps, LINE, can remote monitor their devices at their fingertips – receiving alert notifications to ensure all edge nodes are operating at an optimal level.

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Save time, mitigate health risks, reduce operational costs, and simply let your technology do the work for you! Allxon provides the best tools and features for remote device operations so that managing technology can be as easy as a click of a button.