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Captain’s Announcement!: Allxon is proud to announce the official launch of our brand-new Plugin Station now available on Allxon Portal! You can now customize your Allxon Portal by adding plugins to extend remote edge device monitoring and management services. 

All the Allxon built plugins are based on Allxon Octo™ Technology which enables a wide variety of value-added services to facilitate remote edge device management from hardware to software, to peripherals.

[What’s New?]


Introducing the newest plugins available today on Allxon Plugin Station:

Tegrastats, Tmate, Upterm-making your Allxon experience more connected, efficient, and effective.

  • Tegrastats: A utility built for reporting processor and memory usage for NVIDIA Tegra-based Jetson series devices.
  • Tmate: A remote terminal application that supports easy session sharing. It serves as a terminal multiplexer for you to use one or more analogs or digital input signals inside a single terminal display. 
  • Upterm: A remote SSH tool for sharing terminal sessions instantly.


Stay tuned for more awesome plugins to come on Allxon Plugin Station.