Allxon plugIN

Customizable Technical and Technological Integration

Integrating Allxon plugIN is as simple as a software add-on. Allxon plugIN acts as a bridge that connects hardware devices to a cloud portal with a unified interface to make effective remote device monitoring and management services available to users.

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Optimize System Operations

with Smart Integration

Allxon brings integrated hardware and software services to the cloud with patented plugIN technology to grant businesses remote access into edge devices for effective system operations management.


Hardware Integration


Software Integration


Cloud-to-Cloud Integration


Check-in on Your Devices with Allxon plugIN

Allxon swiftDR OOB Enabler not only saves you time, money, and risk on hardware reintegration. With additional device monitoring features like battery life detection, humidity sensors, cyber threat detection, etc. you can ensure your devices stay at an optimal level.


GPU Performance

Stay informed on important details, such as GPU utilization and memory usage, to ensure services run at an optimal level.


Temp/RH Sensor

Monitor the temperature/RH levels of your devices to ensure they do not overheat or malfunction during operations.


Cyber Threat Detection

Avoid destructive threats by responding immediately upon threat detection.


Battery Life Detection

Monitor the battery life of your devices to ensure they stay ON when you need them.


Access any Application by Using Allxon plugIN to the Cloud

Allxon supports multiple OS and cloud integration to ensure important data on all types of devices, installed in different locations, are safely collected, stored, and neatly presented on a single unified portal without remodeling existing technology.

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