What’s New in Jan 2023: Allxon Portal 3.17

Attention all Users! Allxon is proud to announce the official launch of our brand-new Plugin Station! For more information, check it out here.

What’s New? 

The More the Merrier!: You can now invite multiple people at a time to co-manage your edge devices on Allxon Portal! This brand-new function provides you a more intuitive and streamlined Allxon experience!


Never Miss an Agent Update!: You will never miss an Agent update again! The newly designed Agent update button is just right beside the Agent Version in the Device card for you to always be informed of the newest update!


Tag, You’re OTA Artifacts!: Feeling lost when trying to find the right OTA Artifact among many others? No worries! With this release, you can set up tags for each Artifact and type the tags name in the OTA search bar for quick and real-time searching!


UI/UX Enhancement

Just Search It!: We’ve made it easier for you to search for items in the Time Zone dropdown menu in the Device Profile Card! This brand-new design is here to save you from searching for a needle in a haystack!