What’s New in June & July 2022: Allxon Portal 3.12

What’s New? 

Device List Update!:  The latest version of our device list interface is ready for you! A newly designed badge icon and optimized column spacing means you get an enhanced device list experience.   

*Check out the update here.  


A Tour de Force!: A brand-new “Features Tour” in the menu icon guides you to simulate the ease and simplicity of Power Cycling on Allxon Portal first-hand. Immerse yourself in an interactive Demo that showcases the superpower of OOB in just a few seconds. 

* Kickstart the tour here


UI/UX Enhancement

Send Command and Copy!”:  When commands fail to send, fail notifications will now be returned to you with a failure reason. 

Drop A Pin !: An information icon next to the Device Locations section shows you how to correctly utilize its’ function. 

More Toast Please!:  More toast notification messages have been introduced on the portal to help you quickly comprehend and confirm any changes made.   

  • Group
  • Adding Device
  • Alert
  • Device Log

Added to the Menu!: 3 new Features are shown under the Menu icon: 

  • Features Tour 
  • Use Cases 
  • User Manual 

Now you can better understand each function and its application. Enjoy the experience of fast-remote device management at its finest!