Ease Your OTA Deployment - What’s New in October 2022: Allxon Portal 3.14

[The Latest Feature!] 

  • Captain’s OTA Announcement!:  Attention all users!  Allxon is proud to introduce you to its brand-new OTA page.  In addition to the innovative Allxon Artifact Toolkit that allows you to easily package and verify artifacts, you can now enjoy a more intuitive OTA experience that helps you manage secure, flexible and stable artifact upload and deployment across mass fleets of remote edge devices like you have never seen before.  

    * Get ready to soar to new OTA heights here external link icon. 

[What’s New?] 

  • Group your Subs!:  Inviting Operators on portal has expanded so you can now create and invite users to sub-groups and create other smaller folders making differentiation and organization better for you. 

[UI/UX Enhancement] 

  • [X] Marks the Spot!:  A new [x] icon has been placed on the far right side of the search bar on your Device page.   Eliminate tedious backspacing of typing errors and clear your device search with just one click! 
  • Group Leader!:  The Group Management tab has found a new home.  The placement right next to the Allxon logo on the top left page gives you easier and faster access to manage your groups. 
  • Operator Control!:  The Operator Management tab has moved under the icon on the top right side of Allxon Portal.  Streamlining all Device management tabs to the left and Profile management tabs to the right just makes more management sense!