Install Allxon Agent via Command Prompt


Allxon provides fast & easy installation methods. Follow the steps below to install Allxon Agent

<Environment> At your edge device. 

Recommended OS :

> Linux Ubuntu (ARM, x86) 18.04, 20.04, 22.04*

> Windows 10 (x86_64) enterprise LTSB/LTSC build: 1607, 1809*


*  For support in other operating systems or versions, please contact us to confirm availability.  

💡 Note

Already have Allxon Agent installed on your device?


Simply bring up Allxon Agent by pressing Ctrl + Shift + B and skip to
Get Device Pairing Code


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Install Allxon Agent via Command Prompt

  1. To install Allxon Agent via command prompt, please follow the instructions below. You need to open a new tab in the Command Prompt first, then enter the following command, and the installation process of Allxon Agent and the related packages will start automatically.

    <💡 Note > Please Input the following command without inserting a newline.

    • Linux: Installation Command in Terminal or SSH client

      sudo bash -c "$(wget -qO -" 
    • Windows: Installation Command in Command Prompt

      (Run as Administrator)

      powershell -command "Invoke-WebRequest -OutFile %temp%\agent-installer.bat" && %temp%\agent-installer.bat

    • After installation, Allxon Agent should start up automatically. Upon successful installation, reboot your device. If Allxon Agent does not start, please press Ctrl + Shift + B to start the agent.


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    Library dependency list

    List of library or package dependencies of Allxon Agent.

    • Ubuntu (ARM, x86) 18.04, 20.04 





    gcc-multilib or g++-multilib 

    Allxon Agent installation. 


    Server-related connections. 


    Screenshot-related function. 


    Hardware information acquisition 

    (e.g., keyboard, mouse, etc.). 


    Hardware information acquisition 

    (e.g., USB). 


    Hardware information acquisition 

    (e.g., HDMI connection status). 


    Software information acquisition 

    (e.g., network status). 


    Roboto Font Package Installation

    * “gcc-multilib” and “g++-multilib” are the default packages in Ubuntu 18.04 (ARM), please ensure that either one of the packages is installed.


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