What’s New in April & May 2022: Allxon Portal 3.09

What’s New? 

Device List Page Glow Up!: You spoke, and we listened! Introducing to you the revamped Device List page on Allxon Portal. Say hello to a more optimized user experience, providing you easy and quick access to filter through devices, find alerts seamlessly, and make informed decisions at a click of a button. 

 *More information on the Device List Rollout Plan can be found here.


UI/UX Enhancement

Allxon Portal Sign-Up Made Easy!: With our upgraded registration process, we can detect if you already have an existing account. Non-activated users will be instantly instructed to check their mailbox for an activation email or be resent a new one from Allxon Portal at any time! Registration made simple means both new and old users can enter Allxon Portal securely and efficiently in less than 3 minutes!

*Start your remote edge AI device management journey here.