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Powerful Remote Device Management

Powerful Remote Device Management

Get in on the Action

Work smart and let Allxon remote device management do the work for you. Allxon is here to simplify operations and instantly resolve system errors on your edge devices.



Remotely reboot edge devices on Allxon Portal to bring devices back to a working state.


Send Command

Send commands to your edge devices and receive device response details & status.


Take Screenshot

Monitor the information accuracy of your screen display in real-time by taking a screenshot.


GPU Performance

Stay informed on important details such as your GPU utilization and memory usage to ensure your services run at an optimal level.


Effective Group Management Features

Ready, Set, Deploy, and GO!

Save hours spent on admin and system configuration with Allxon's group management features. Mass deploy the latest updates onto scattered edge devices and configure settings according to their needs.

disaster recovery

Group Policy

Save time on applying policy settings individually and deploying new policy changes to multiple groups.


Alert Notification

Receive alerts on the go about your devices’ health statuses to ensure you continue providing the best services to your customers.

3 Adaptable Cloud Architectures
Made for you

Connect to your AI/IoT infrastructure however you like with three different cloud architectures to choose from: Cloud, Multi-Cloud, and Edge. Allxon's cloud technology supports different applications and network environments to ensure you can enjoy all the benefits of smart operations management.

Cloud Solution

Start managing your edge devices by simply registering an Allxon DMS account. Allxon makes remote device management intuitive and easy for everyone.

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Multi-Cloud Solution

Extend your SaaS services onto edge devices with patented plugIN technology. Connect with Allxon Cloud to add incredible remote device services to your SaaS.

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Edge Solution

You can still enjoy the benefits of remote device management even without a cloud infrastructure in place. Connect Allxon swiftDR OOB Enabler directly onto your hardware and start saving time and money now.

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A Unified Portal for Your Convenience

Effortlessly connect your AI/IoT applications and edge devices to Allxon, and get ready to change up old ways of managing operations.

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