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Allxon is an NVIDIA® Jetson™ preferred SaaS partner with full hardware and software integration. By providing industry-focused edge AI remote device management services, Allxon optimizes business operations together with you.  
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Allxon Single Unified Cloud Portal

OOB Enabler for Allxon swiftDR Series

Moving beyond conventional RMM, Allxon plugIN technology unlocks Out-Of-Band (OOB) disaster recovery solutions. Resolve system errors and unresponsive issues with Allxon swiftDR for Power Cycling and SSD Recovery to maintain business continuity.
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 Allxon swiftDR OOB Enabler

Single Unified Cloud Portal

Easy Management

Intuitive Navigation

Allxon Portal caters to those looking for simpler device management and monitoring styles.

single unified portal
Single Unified Portal

Combines all data and information from any brand of hardware or software into a single unified portal.


Supports cross-OS, cross-platform, and cross-boundaries, keeping all systems in one place for simpler, more adaptable operations management services.

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Easy Management

Easing Market Pain Points

Smooth Operations

disaster recovery-1
Disaster Recovery

Maintains business continuity with Allxon swiftDR Series - bringing you fast and secure disaster recovery solutions.

minimize downtime
Minimize Downtime

Cuts time and labor costs by remotely managing your devices and solving technical issues in just a click of a button.

Enforce Shutdown & Reset

Out-Of-Band (OOB) Power Cycling remotely powers off and back on devices to instantly resolve system errors.

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Smooth Operations

Saving Time, Mitigating Risks

Simple Deployment

disaster recovery
Group Management

Manages large-scale AI/IoT edge devices with grouping tools to streamline operations and administrative tasks.

fast provisioning
Fast Provisioning

Applies group setting and instant updates to newly added edge devices to save time and labor costs.

AI model deployment
AI Model Deployment

Applies new AI model updates to all edge devices, uninterrupted, for faster and safer deployment.

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Simple Deployment

In the Forefront with You

Fast and Effective Services

Alert Notification

Take a break and have your devices work for you by setting up alerts that inform you about their health statuses.

over the air update
Over-The-Air Updates

Deploys new updates to all edge devices, over the air, in just a few seconds.

log collection
Log Collection

Collects logs to remotely troubleshoot and instantly resolve technical issues with Allxon Solutions.

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Fast and Effective Services

If You Are:


Easy Project Management Over Scattered Devices

We help you save time and money conducting on-site provisioning and maintenance with powerful remote device monitoring and management tools.

Save Time. Save Money

Cut out on-site troubleshooting and use the extra time and money to build on your success.

Mass Deployment and Group Management

Use simple administrative tools to deploy and manage scattered devices located over multiple sites.

Efficient Remote Hardware Management Services

We offer value-added services to hardware components that bring five-star remote maintenance, management, and repair services to your customers.

Bring Your Devices to the Cloud

Be more than just a hardware spec. Become the value-added solution with integrated cloud services.

Value Added to your Device

OOB Enabler adds extra benefits and remote device management services to regular hardware components.

Integrable Technology for Real-time User Access

We help seamlessly integrate various complex hardware systems to unlock remote monitoring and management capabilities for faster application updates.

Easy Integration

No need for system reconstruction, Allxon's plugIN API enables cloud-to-cloud integration on all operators.

Seamless Collaboration

Allxon helps deliver services to your edge devices by providing access to the right users through a single cloud portal.


Security at Allxon

Allxon is committed to the highest levels of trust, conformance, and regulatory compliance.

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Key Benefits

Allxon Drives

Industries Forward


Portal for Linux, Windows OS


Maintenance Cost Reduction


Safe and Reliable Cloud-based Service

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