About Us

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An open platform for smarter device management with full hardware and software integration

Who We Are

Smart Ecosystem

Bonder for the AI/IoT Industry

Allxon is an essential edge device management solution that simplifies and optimizes business operations management by bonding together the AI/IoT ecosystem: hardware (IHV), software (ISV), and service providers (SI/MSP). As an ecosystem bonder, Allxon is the spark that ignites fast, seamless connectivity to keep all systems ON.

Our Values

We Aim to Connect Partners and to Drive the AI/IoT Industry Forward



We are an industrious team that does not believe in shortcuts. We have become the AI/IoT industry’s long-term solution and built strong relationships with our partners.



Passion and innovation is what fuels the fire of Allxon’s progressive company culture. We see market pain points as opportunities to help you drive your industry forward.



As the ecosystem bonder of IHV, ISV, and SI/MSP, we value teamwork and communication to ensure we help journey with you to your success.



Confidentiality is a top priority at Allxon. We are devoted to enforcing the best security measures to safeguard your business.



As a customer-focused company, we value our relationship with you and we strive to meet your every need.


In the Hands of A Strong

Innovative Team

With a passionate team that has transformed the company into a top competitive SaaS service provider, we are built upon the accumulated challenges and successes we faced throughout our development stages. At every stage, we sought to leverage our expertise in hardware to provide users with the best software integration and edge device RMM services.
Allxon was officially established in 2019 and within a year, we successfully became the first official preferred SaaS partner from Taiwan to join tech giant NVIDIA Jetson’s Ecosystem. We continue to strive for simplicity and to innovate edge AI device services and solutions ahead of market trends.

Foundation Advancement in infrastructure (IaaS) and cloud platform (PaaS)
Established Established Allxon
Alliance Partnership with world’s No. 1 IPC manufacturing brand
Alliance Recognized as a preferred partner of NVIDIA Jetson Ecosystem
Distribution Official distribution to Japan through renowned IT supplier Macnica
Release Official launch of Allxon swiftDR OOB Enabler

How Allxon Delivers Benefits to You

We Support You Every Step of the Way

In an industry where existing technical operation issues are fragmented and isolated, we approach AI/IoT as an ecosystem that can be integrated and remotely managed using an easy-to-navigate central cloud portal. By integrating different brands of hardware and software for service providers, we make it possible for businesses to easily gain access to all their devices for essential remote device monitoring and management services.

As a customer-focused company we empower businesses with time-saving and cost-effective management solutions from the very start of an excellent Proof of Concept (PoC) to its production stages, and throughout its project lifecycle. We provide the dependability and support businesses need as they transform and thrive towards their success.

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