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Allxon Device Management Solutions

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Allxon offers simple remote device management solutions to save you time and money on scheduling in, getting to, and troubleshooting on-site. With In-Band and Out-Of-Band technology, Allxon ensures all edge devices can be managed, monitored, and remediated in a click of a button.






Pain Point 1

Incompatible and Malfunctioning AI Models

What happens when your current AI models in transportation systems have technical incompatibility and malfunctioning issues?

  • Allxon helps businesses remotely manage scattered devices on a single unified portal for faster technical operations.
  • As a preferred partner of NVIDIA Jetson Ecosystem, Allxon delivers highly compatible remote device monitoring and management services to all edge AI devices.
  • Resolving technical issues remotely saves businesses time and money spent on on-site troubleshooting.
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Pain Point 1 (AI Model incompatible)

Pain Point 2

System Errors in Retail

How best would you resolve POS blue-screen or system errors that occur on distant digital signages?

  • In collaboration with valued hardware partners, Allxon extends Out-Of-Band (OOB) features to SaaS by bringing hardware management services onto the cloud with the patented Allxon swfitDR OOB Enabler.
  • Allxon swiftDR OOB Enabler makes it possible to access unresponsive systems with enforcement shutdown and remote power ON features.
  • Minimize business downtime by restoring systems to an earlier state with Allxon swiftDR for SSD Recovery.
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Pain Point 2 (Blue Screen Of Death)

Pain Point 3

Security Threats in IoT World 

Are there better ways to securely transfer data from edge devices to the cloud without remodeling existing technology?

  • Integrating Allxon plugIN is as simple as a software add-on. It acts as a bridge that securely connects hardware devices to a cloud portal using a unified interface.
  • Users can directly access their edge devices to remotely monitor functions such as the devices' GPU performance, battery life detection, and even cyber threat detection etc.
  • With the highly secure and compatible Allxon plugIN API, users can access any applications on any OS and platform.
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Pain Point 3 (Hacked)

Security at Allxon

Allxon is committed to the highest levels of trust, conformance, and regulatory compliance.

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