Embedded World 2024

Dates: April 09-11, 2024
Location: Germany
Highlight: The unveiling of Cloud Serial Console, provides seamless access and debugging capabilities for edge AI devices.
Allxon Representative: Allxon EU Team

Diving into the vibrant world of embedded solutions, Embedded World 2024 once again united industry pioneers and innovators to present the latest advancements in edge AI technology. Among the diverse offerings, Allxon, in collaboration with esteemed partners AverMedia and Vecow, showcased our collective efforts in transforming remote device management.


Central to our presentation, visitors experienced live demonstrations of our innovative Cloud Serial Console Solution at the bustling booths of Apcer, AverMedia, Texim Europe, Vecow, and Yuan. This hardware-driven innovation, developed in partnership with our collaborators, reshapes the landscape of edge AI management by offering unmatched security and efficiency. As attendees appreciated the seamless integration of our technology into their projects, it became evident that the future of edge AI lies in remote management and troubleshooting.



As Embedded World 2024 comes to an end, we reflect on the progress made and the connections established in this dynamic industry. Allxon, alongside our partners, has not only demonstrated the capabilities of our advanced solutions but also laid the groundwork for a flourishing Edge AI ecosystem. With Serial Console leading the way, we take pride in playing a crucial role in enabling developers and engineers to navigate the intricacies of edge AI with ease and confidence. Looking forward, the possibilities are boundless, and we remain dedicated to fostering innovation and pushing the limits of what is achievable in embedded solutions.


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