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Ability’s Edge AI Cameras Support Allxon’s Full Suite of OTA Services

The remote device management service suite from Allxon is now fully available to support the latest edge AI camera and camera modules from Ability Enterprise, and the technology combination has been successfully deployed in Asia since early 2023. And according to Ability, several customer projects in other regions including Europe and the U.S. will soon follow later this year.

Ability’s full lineup of edge AI cameras and camera modules includes the AI-Eye series IP cameras with built-in AI SOC and DLA engine up to 1.5 TOPS computing power, and the VS1NNL0 AI-Vue 2MP ANPR bullet camera with Intel Moviduis VPU, Sony Starvis CMOS image sensor and VS12112 with the optional 4G LTE modem.


“Ability’s edge AI cameras represent the latest technology breakthrough in terms of enabling the traditional surveillance cameras with the most advanced AI features. These AI powered edge cameras are capable of performing highly complex image applications as a standalone solution in applications such as smart traffic, smart retail, security and surveillance on public transport and buildings, etc.”, said Jonny Wu, Senior Director of Ability Entreprise. “As edge cameras are finding their way into more applications, an easy and reliable management system of these remote IoT devices is also becoming more imminent and important”, added Jonny. “Now with Allxon’s advanced cloud technology and suite of solutions for remote AI/IoT devices, managing the vast fleet of Ability edge AI cameras anywhere and at anytime has never been so easy and efficient.”


“Allxon is delighted to be working with Ability. We are proud of enabling Ability’s first-tier edge AI cameras with our remote device management services,” said CEO of Allxon, Alex Liu. “With Allxon’s Over-The-Air (OTA) Services, all device dependent features including applications, scripts, AI model files, and configuration settings of each Ability edge AI camera, in a specific fleet, can be promptly and seamlessly updated using Allxon’s customisable plugin technology, through the Allxon Portal. Application developers and system operators no longer need to worry about tedious device management tasks. Edge AI camera fleets can be easily monitored and managed remotely over the cloud, on our secure, unified portal.”


For more information, visit www.abilitycorp.com.tw/html/index.php


PR source: Ability’s Edge AI Cameras Support Allxon’s Full Suite of OTA Services 

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