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Edge Security Plugin

Ensure your edge AI devices receive multi-layered protection to protect your devices from the rapid emergence of dangerous AI/IoT threats.                                  



 Built by Allxon | v1.03.2000


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Allxon Cyber Security at the Edge (Edge Security Plugin) is a security solution powered

by Trend Micro IoT Security™ (TMIS) providing you fully secure end-to-end encryption

for your edge AI devices from the cloud to the edge.


Block Attacks:

Cyber Security at the Edge analyzes and blocks suspicious activities using TMIS

Hosted Intrusion Prevention System (HIPS), matching traffic and content to

their world-class network packets.

Vulnerability Checks:

High-level tests are run to detect and classify weaknesses in networks and systems.

Upon detection, Cyber Security at the Edge shields systems with TMIS virtual patches

until new updates are available.

Threat Prevention:

Cyber Security at the Edge uses Trend Micro Web Reputation Services™ (WRS)

to perform reputation checks by matching open source libraries with known

vulnerabilities for vigilant web threat detection and prevention.

Access Restriction:*

Cyber Security at the Edge uses TMIS Approved Application Listing (AAL) to only allow

authorized script files and applications to process and perform within devices.

*Customization required, contact Allxon for more details.






Supported Languages: English

Category: Edge Security


Allxon Subscription:

- Works with Allxon Subscription


*Edge Security Plugin requires an in-plugin purchase to unlock its full features. To make a purchase, please contact us.


System Requirements:

- JetPack 4.6

- Linux ARM64 (64-bit) devices running on Ubuntu 18.04.



v1.03.2000 - Officially launched!


Please see Allxon’s Privacy Policy, Terms of Service, and Terms of Use for more information.

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