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ngrok-plugin station

ngrok Plugin

ngrok facilitates effortless and secure access to a service or application.



Built by Allxon | v1.1.1 


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ngrok is a secure unified ingress platform that combines global server load balancing, reverse proxy, firewall, API gateway and Kubernetes Ingress Controller to deliver applications and APIs.


Facilitates ingress to any given application or API

  • Offers global load balancing for routing traffic to multiple backends.

Ensures zero-trust security through Single Sign-On (SSO), Mutual TLS, IP Policy, and webhook signature verification

Provides authorization capabilities to protect services using OAuth, SAML, and OIDC

Enables all traffic and account activity to be directed to third-party observability platforms

Leverages a global network to deliver fast and reliable services powered by Points of Presence (PoPs)

Automatically generates certificates and achieves an A+ SSL rating without requiring configuration




Supported Languages: English

Category: Network Ingress


Allxon Subscription:

- Works with Allxon Subscription

- Find ngrok Pricing Plan

System Requirements:

- Linux ARM64 (64-bit) devices running on Ubuntu 20.04.

- Linux x86 (64-bit) devices running on Ubuntu 20.04.

Environment Requirements:

-  ngrok Agent



 v1.1.1 - Officially launched!


Please see ngrok's Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy for more information.

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