Allxon swiftDR

Remote Out-Of-Band Management Solution

Take complete control over device power cycling, remote SSD recovery, temperature monitoring, and a host of other seamless features for handling device abnormalities with Allxon swiftDR.

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Out-Of-Band Power Cycling

Allxon swiftDR for Power Cycling is a powerful disaster recovery solution, with various power-related features. Instantly resolve system errors and unresponsive devices by remotely powering OFF and back ON your edge AI systems.


Power Switch

Remotely restart or power OFF the main system, ensuring smooth operations and efficient control.


Force Shutdown

Instantly force devices to shutdown to resolve unplanned system crashes.


Power ON/OFF Scheduling

Schedule devices to automatically power ON and OFF for optimized power consumption.


Device Always ON

Ensure devices remain in the power ON state to access remote device monitoring at any time and to keep operations running 24/7.


Power ON/OFF Detection

Remotely detect your device's power status to enable other swiftDR features such as power ON/OFF scheduling and device always ON.

  • Streamline Technical Operations
  • Minimize Business Downtime
  • Reduce Project Maintenance and Management Costs
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Advancing Remote Device Management

Allxon makes it possible to add custom OOB features onto Allxon Portal for industry-focused remote Out-Of-Band device management services.



Receive alerts when devices reach abnormal temperatures and automatically shut down the system to increase hardware longevity.


SSD Backup & Recovery

Remotely perform SSD recovery from Allxon Portal to instantly roll back device operations to a previous state.


Tamper Detection

Monitor the system chassis status to prevent hazards such as vibration, tampering, or unauthorized access.

  • Extend Out-Of-Band Management
  • Add Features According to Your Needs
  • Elevate Hardware and Software Solutions with OOB Capabilities
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Versatile Networking Options

Allxon swiftDR supports diverse networking options, including wired Ethernet as well as wireless communication through 4G LTE and WiFi. Allxon offers the flexibility of NC-SI to enable versatile hardware design possibilities.


Wireless: 4G LTE/WiFi

Ensure your autonomous mobile robots stay connected to the Internet to resume operations even when devices appear unresponsive.


Shared LAN Port (NC-SI)

Simplify the design of edge devices using NC-SI to share the same network port, saving costs on space and integration.

  • Diverse OOB Network Communication Options
  • Increased Hardware Design Flexibility
  • Enhance System Stability

Safe, Small, and Smart Solutions

Making swiftDR Possible

Allxon OOB Enabler is a customizable disaster recovery solution that enables Allxon swiftDR features on edge AI devices. Unlock Allxon's default OOB features or add your own to gain 24/7 access to your edge AI devices, even when they appear unresponsive.

Allxon swiftDR OOB Enabler
  • Easy-to-Integrate
  • Supports Public and Local Network Environments
  • ARM9 microprocessor embedded
  • Built-in Allxon Out-Of-Band (OOB) service agent, capable of supporting both public and local network environment architectures
  • Includes a fully secure central portal for remote device management
  • Supports complete power control over the edge system when the system is unresponsive
  • Full hardware, software, and cloud integration with Allxon Octo SDK
  • Supports Cloud Serial Console *
  • Supports edge system power ON/OFF detection *
  • USB 2.0 high speed host/device *
  • Supports I²C / UART / Digital Input *
  • Supports wireless: 4G LTE/WiFi *


* For Bolt Only


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How can I benefit from using Allxon's OOB management?

You can save time and money on high operational costs with Allxon's OOB Power Cycling feature, and reduce unplanned downtime with Allxon's OOB SSD recovery tool...

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How do I enable Out-Of-Band control on a device?

Simply link the device's OOB module with Allxon Agent and all the OOB services will be enabled on Allxon Portal. Still looking for hardware that has Allxon swiftDR OOB Enabler?...

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Why should I use Allxon's OOB technology for device mgmt.?

Allxon gives you an alternative option to access unresponsive or malfunctioning devices to minimize business downtime. Allxon OOB management is cloud-based...

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