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Q&A for Out-Of-Band Device Management Service

Can Allxon provide me a comprehensive insight into its OOB service and also recommend which IHV brands and models are best suited for its In-Band (IB) and OOB Turnkey Solutions?


Our company oversees many different IoT devices, where we use Allxon Device Management Solutions (Allxon DMS) and its plugINTM to securely communicate and manage them. We are currently very satisfied with this; however, we have just learnt about Allxon’s Out-Of-Band (OOB) service, and given on-site support requires a lot of time and with the onset of COVID-19 limiting travel, it would help enhance our business.

Can Allxon provide me a comprehensive insight into its OOB service and also recommend which IHV brands and models are best suited for its In-Band (IB) and OOB Turnkey Solutions?


The good news is deploying the Allxon DMS Device plugINTM at the device level renders data streams for both IB and OOB systems. And all these IB and OOB services can be securely managed using the Allxon Device Management solution.

Using the cloud-based Allxon DMS Portal service, one can securely access and manage all authorized deployed devices simultaneously. The administration operations provided by Allxon Device Management solution include onboarding, enrollment, provisioning, deployment, and device retirement, which can all be performed without leaving the desk.

Allxon’s OOB service means even if a device stops responding due to hardware or software crash, you still can access the device remotely to perform a full shut-down and restart. Secondly, the OOB service also enables Disaster Recovery application which can be performed at the operating system level. It offers the following features:


1. A full disk image backup function that includes the operating system, all configuration files, programs, updates, and databases, to be imaged regularly off device

2. Isolation, where devices can be quarantined from the rest of the network to avoid damaging connected equipment or other devices

3. Device recovery via remote image / firmware recovery to get devices back to a known working state and minimize downtime


4. Situation analysis based on system logs to clearly identify the issue and prevent it from happening again.


As you have noted, this comprehensive solution is now proving particularly important given the state of affairs globally due to COVID-19 pandemic, where there are often travel risks or preventions to onsite locations.


Here is a list of the recommended IHV brands and model names that supports the Allxon Device Management solution:


    • AOPEN DE-5500
    • Axiomtek DSP-300
    • DFI NX300





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