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Fast Provisioning and Mass Deployment Solutions Accelerate Large-Scale Retail Digital Signage Installations Across France

AI-optimized digital signages have revolutionized the retail space with spectacular media displays that have the power to impact both the retailer and the consumer. With vivid, colorful screens popping up in every corner, how do retail companies set up and manage all their digital signages in a cost and time effective manner?

Intelligent Digital Displays

Intelligent transformation has hit every corner of every industry. More and more AI models are being integrated into digital signages to transform regular media displays to multifunctional edge AI signages. With smart AI features, like intelligent camera capabilities, retailers can use edge AI digital signages to move beyond regular advertising and promotional uses to collecting valuable data at the source. Smart recognition camera technologies inside screen displays can help retailers collect useful data on consumer behavior whilst monitoring retail sites.


Consumer electronics retailer in France install smart screen displays nationwide, using embedded AI camera recognition technology for real-time data collection, while communicating their products and services to consumers at the same time. However, with multiple digital signages spread across the country, device installations and management can be a time-consuming and extremely expensive operation.

Keeping Up with Demand

With the attraction and retail benefits digital signages bring, comes the demand for the quick installation of these smart, vibrant screen displays to brighten up and decorate every retail store.


Leading French consumer electronics retailer can request up to 2,500 signage displays to be installed nationwide in over 300 of its chain stores all at once. With such a large technical installation project, traveling from one store to another to set up and provision signage displays–one device at a time–can take between 2 to 3 months before the signages can even begin to display multimedia content. When the signage displays are finally installed and available for use, the screen devices then need to be monitored and maintained to ensure the signages operate smoothly and showcase the correct content.


AI-embedded digital signages give retailers the competitive advantage they need for strategic business planning. With AI algorithms accelerating the real-time collection and evaluation of massive amounts of valuable data, the maintenance and updating of AI models become crucial for retailers to continue receiving data that is necessary for business analysis and growth. However, going in-stores to update AI models in signage displays can take between 30 mins to 60 mins per device. Simple on-site AI model deployment cost retailers too many valuable hours spent on technical support and business downtime.


Retailers need to find faster and more effective ways to set up and manage their digital signages to maximize the potential successes that come with these dynamic screen displays.


Allxon Brings Digital Bloom to Digital Blossom

While it is easy to plug in, power on, and manage one or two digital screen displays at a time, doing the same for thousands of digital signages located in different cities can be challenging. Allxon provides fast device provisioning and mass deployment solutions for leading retail industries to help save on time and high operational costs.


Aware of the complications and integration issues digital installations can bring, Allxon makes it easy for leading French consumer electronics retailer to set up thousands of digital displays all at the same time. Instead of traveling to multiple locations to provision 2,500 devices, field technicians can save up to three months on on-site signage installation. Allxon combines all edge devices, data, and statuses from any brand of hardware and software into an easy-to-navigate single cloud portal. Through a simple internet connection, technicians can use Allxon’s remote device group management features and provisioning services to instantly set up thousands of digital signages in one go.


Allxon’s remote device management solutions have also saved French consumer electronic retailer hundreds of hours individually updating AI models on-site. Instead of spending 30 mins updating one device, Allxon’s Over-The-Air (OTA) update feature maximizes time efficiency by using 30 mins to mass deploy the newest AI model updates onto thousands of devices, in just a click of a button.


Allxon’s fast provisioning and OTA remote device functions are two of the many features offered by Allxon to leading retailers all over the globe. With the world blooming in smart digital, Allxon enriches retailers with effective remote device management solutions to bring the booming industry to a digital blossom.



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