Q&A: How Do I Manage Updating NVIDIA® Jetson™ Systems at Scale?

The devices I’m going to set up for system integrators (SI) and managed service providers (MSP) contain numerous unnecessary components that occupy valuable device space. How do I address this major challenge of enhancing the efficiency and ease of mass updating NVIDIA Jetson edge AI devices with our customized Board Support Package (BSP) for SIs/MSPs?


Our company is a leading provider of self-learning and AI image recognition software committed to delivering top-quality servicesHowever, we’ve encountered the challenges of keeping devices up-to-date with our latest software, especially when standard BSPs offered by independent hardware vendors (IHVs) contain numerous unnecessary components that occupy valuable device space. 


We have been exploring various options, and we have discovered the BSP OTA Updates Solution offered by Allxon. We are interested in learning more about this solution.  



At Allxon, we understand the importance of keeping devices up-to-date with the latest applications for industry-leaders. Allxon BSP OTA Updates solution makes it possible for you to:  


  • Optimize the performance of your NVIDIA Jetson device fleets by seamlessly upgrading JetPack to the latest versions for overall functionality and operational efficiency.  
  • Create compact artifacts for your customized application package that contains only the essential AI modules to maximize space efficiency on the edge devices. 
  • Deploy OTA artifacts at scale to scattered edge AI devices for easy installation or application updates, making software deployment a breeze for SI/MSP. 

Our solution is designed to keep your edge AI devices up-to-date with the latest JetPack versions. The application packages can be tailored according to your needs, making it the go-to choice for ensuring your devices and service applications remain current. 


👉🏻 Learn more about BSP OTA Updates 

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