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Keeping Edge AI Devices Up-to-Date in Smart Retail: A Critical Task for SIs and MSPs

Allxon Board Support Package (BSP) Over-The-Air (OTA) Updates save smart retail from time-consuming Jetpack update processes and help maintain device performance at its best.

BSP Updates for Self-Checkout Kiosks Before Store Opening


Picture this: A new department store’s grand opening is just 2 months away. Service integrators (SIs) and managed service providers (MSPs) are busy setting up 280 self-checkout kiosks throughout the mall. These smart kiosks, empowered by high-performing NVIDIA® Jetson™ edge devices, are essential components that provide the necessary computing power and intelligence to enable seamless and efficient customer interactions. However, a challenge arises: the Jetson devices have been stored in warehouses for an extended period and are equipped with outdated Board Support Package (BSP) versions, lacking the optimizations found in the latest Jetpack 5.1.1 version for different applications to run smoothly.

How can SIs and MSPs update outdated devices in a timely manner without jeopardizing the department store’s grand opening?

Dealing with Complexities 


Updating BSPs for hundreds of self-checkout kiosks require a host PC to individually connect to each Jetson platform to execute the necessary updates. The process becomes even more complex when dealing with a large number of devices that can only be updated one-by-one on-site, leading to repetitive tasks, and increased time and costs. 

On the other hand, if circumstances lead to the deployment of outdated devices, this can lead to customer dissatisfaction and financial losses due to potential system glitches and malfunctions, and other complications, such as slow response times, unresponsive interfaces, and transaction errors, causing frustration, longer queues, and less returning customers.

Overcoming Challenges


In the dynamic landscape of the edge AI industry, where the demand for NVIDIA-powered solutions drives innovation, Allxon BSP OTA solution emerges as a streamlined approach, simplifying BSP updates for edge AI devices.


Allxon BSP OTA Updates centralizes the process of updating edge AI devices for smart kiosks to the latest JetPack 5.1.1 version. With the Allxon single and unified portal, the need for additional host PCs and updating tools is eliminated, enabling efficient updates across multiple devices within a two-week timeframe.


With Allxon's support, SIs and MSPs can streamline and simplify BSP OTA updates, reducing repetitive tasks and saving valuable time and costs. This not only leads to timely project completion but also ensures seamless operations, enhanced customer satisfaction, and optimizes edge AI businesses in the ever-evolving edge AI landscape.



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