Maximizing the Power of NVIDIA ​Jetson Orin​ with Edge AI Camera Fleet Management

Allxon brings innovative solutions such as NVIDIA ​Microservices for Jetson​ to the forefront of the edge AI industry, making such brilliant solutions easy-to-use and accessible to all.

The AI Impact


With the advancement of AI technology, the edge AI camera market continues to surge with high demands for intelligent camera and video solutions. From smart cities to retail analytics to industrial automation and environmental monitoring, AI-powered cameras offer invaluable insights, security, and automation capabilities to the world we live in. 

Processing Data Streams


Growing demands for faster, smarter, and more reliable edge AI cameras pose significant challenges to the management of associated data streams. This is where the Video Storage Toolkit (VST)​, one of the microservices for NVIDIA Jetson​ ​Orin ​steps in. VST is a comprehensive solution engineered to address the complexities of storing, processing, and managing AI camera data. Using NVIDIA GPU​ accelerated computing ​and advanced software tools, the VST streamlines video storage, data processing, and analytics workflows, empowering businesses to efficiently identify actionable insights from their camera networks. 

A Multi-Beneficial Plugin


In response to the heightened demand for VST across businesses, Allxon has facilitated greater accessibility and user-friendliness by successfully integrating VST capabilities into a plugin form that can be easily installed on Allxon Plugin Station, available on their cloud portal. 

Tailored to meet the needs of system integrators (SIs), independent software vendors (ISVs)  and others, Allxon’s VST plugin simplifies tasks to enhance operational efficiency. With the ready-to-use plugin, development time on infrastructure and integration costs are significantly reduced. This enables instant access to VST capabilities while reaping the extra benefits of centralized edge AI camera management on a unified platform. 

Allxon VST Application


Allxon’s VST Plugin makes it easy for businesses to remotely manage fundamental camera parameters such as bitrate, CPU/GPU, brightness, storage configurations and more. The plugin can facilitate AI inferencing by sending footage back to the edge device for visual analysis and processing. Businesses can also configure settings to receive real-time alerts.Edge-based video storage and analysis is also made possible by the support of the plugin, storing video data directly at the edge for real-time analysis, accelerated processing times, and enhanced camera recognition capabilities. 

Allxon Portal facilitates centralized edge AI camera management cross-vertical, cross-brand, and even cross-OS, regardless of geographical dispersion or scale.  


Scaling Up and More


Designed to help businesses scale up their device operations, Allxon is one of the preferred third-party fleet management partners for NVIDIA Microservices for Jetson , where VST stands as​ one of the​ application service​s​. With this in mind, businesses can also move beyond camera management capabilities on Allxon Portal and leverage additional powerful features and functions to monitor and manage fleets of edge AI devices, including a wide variety of hardware beyond just cameras.   

Scale up and learn more about how a single, multifunctional, centralized platform can accelerate AI camera management, deployment, and so much more. 



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