Q&A for Digital Signage Software and Services Vendors

Allxon receives support request emails every day. In a recent email, we got a really good question from an American ISV (Independent Software Vendor) that is managing his client’s devices as well:




I recently was hired as a system admin to manage the digital signage Content Management System (CMS) for a US based signage network.


The biggest problem I have right now is the CMS server and managing over 15 different network-attached devices. Some of my device vendors provide device management software, but most of them do not. In order to manage these devices, I have to use many different management software platforms. Switching between all those different management software takes a lot of time, but my boss needs me to deliver the results fast. In addition, I often have to get out on the field for on-site support. But with the onset of COVID-19, I’d really prefer not going outside at all.


How does Allxon provide me an easier way I can manage all these devices?

Thanks for the help!


- Hank





We feel your pain, and we know we can help get your boss off your back with Allxon Device Management Solutions (Allxon DMS)!


Allxon’s device management solution is able to enroll all different brands of devices into one console. However, if you don’t want to switch between the CMS and Allxon DMS, you can also let your boss consider integrating Allxon DMS plugINTM technology to interface with your current CMS. This is not very difficult to integrate, and your service can empower by Allxon for more value-added.


In either method, you can first get a grip on your device hardware and software immediately by using Allxon DMS plugINTM.  These plugINTM are software that quickly deploy at the device level to render data streams for both in-band and out-of-band systems.


After deploying the plugINTM, your devices can securely communicate with the Allxon DMS. After your device system is up and running well, you can use the Allxon web-based Allxon Portal at your desk to install, configure, and securely access & manage all your devices. Even if your device crashed or its OS stops responding, you still can access the device under Allxon’s Out-of-Band (OOB) solution to force shut-down and restart the device.


Given the Coronavirus epidemic, we agree it can be risky to go various onsite locations to just to reboot your device. But from the safety of your office location, your Allxon DMS can easily handle admin operations like onboarding, enrollment, provisioning, deployment, and device retirement. At the end of the day, you’ll really enjoy it when your boss sits back knowing you have everything under control!





Allxon Support Team

your device management partner






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