ADLINK Partners with Allxon to Simplify Large-scale Remote Management of Deep Learning Acceleration platforms

The partnership enables IT to manage anytime, anywhere ADLINK’s DLAP Series with NVIDIA Jetson™ systems on modules (SoM)



  • The new portal extends remote manageability of the ADLINK deep learning acceleration platform, the DLAP-211 series
  • Real-time system information and timely alerts allow for immediate action from remote locations
  • Monitoring, alerts, and updates are empowered by Allxon Device Management Solutions (Allxon DMS)


ADLINK Technology Inc., a global leader in edge computing, has entered into a partnership with Allxon to offer a remote device management solution for the ADLINK DLAP-211 series deep learning acceleration platforms. The partnership has delivered an online portal for easy monitoring, control, and update of a DLAP-211 anytime, anywhere, without an onsite visit.


After a DLAP-211 is deployed at the edge, IT can use Allxon Device Management Solutions (Allxon DMS) to remotely:

  • Monitor CPU usage and GPU performance and receive alerts on DLAP-211 performance
  • Manage devices according to group settings and custom-set polices
  • Collect logs for troubleshooting
  • Control DLAP-211 reboots, scheduling, screenshots, and commands
  • Perform over-the-air updates of applications, containers, AI models, and firmware


For example, security and performance improvements may require a system update. IT can provision a deployed DLAP-211 to run different applications or update DLAP-211 with improved AI models for feature, speed, and accuracy enhancements. As deep learning acceleration platforms deployed at the edge are scattering across different locations, countries or even continents, large-scale remote manageability keeps deep learning acceleration platforms healthy and up to date, saving tremendous time and efforts onsite visits require.


ADLINK's deep learning acceleration platform, the DLAP-211 series, has versatile AI applications at the edge, including factory floors, logistic centers, warehouses, restaurants, fish farms, and more. Allxon DMS will be supported DLAP-211 is the edge platform that can be efficiently monitored in real time, and managed and updated remotely.


For more information, visit the ADLINK DLAP-211-JNX Edge AI Platform product page.

See the original PR from ADLINK here


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