How MSPs Bolt the Success of Drone Farming Even When Systems Malfunction

Drone farming has swooped in to help data-driven farming industries counteract a steady decline in manual labor incentives. But these same drones also cause complications when they malfunction or appear unresponsive. What edge AI solutions can we implement to ensure that farmers reap the fruit of their AI investments?

Going Bananas for Drone Farming 


The benefits of drone farming show no bound. Using AI perception algorithms, smart drones exponentially increase crop harvesting quality and quantity.  The devices can map out the landscape, analyze individual crop health and growth, and detect disease or intruders from an eagle’s viewpoint that is impossible for the human eye to scope.  Rapid collection and interpretation of highly detailed data mean that these drones improve efficiency, productivity, and profitability by producing less waste, using less manpower, and reducing additional costs. 


When AI Complications Cause a Pickle 


Of course, technology is not foolproof, and errors can occur. What happens if the drone crashes?  If the drone cannot fly?  If its battery runs low and dies without warning? Or if it loses connection and is lost? By the time manpower travels to the fields, locates the lost drone, discovers the issues, and then fixes it, precious time will be lost.  Crops will have rotted, and millions of dollars could go down the drain.   


The answer lies in integrating edge AI solutions such as Out-of-Band (OOB) management technology onto the drones.  With OOB technology, managed service providers (MSPs) can access critical information no matter the operational status of the drones.  


Cherry-Picked Edge AI Solutions: “Bolt”-ed 


Bolt is Allxon’s latest second-generation OOB Enabler. It encompasses even more customizable features compared to its predecessor and provides three innovative turnkey solutions for drone farming concerns.    


Tracking Unresponsive Drones – Bolt allows for the connection of different external sensors such as a 4G LTE wireless dongle and GPS sensor.  Even when the drones’ systems fail, Bolt continues to power the sensors so that an internet connection is still available, and access can be gained to its GPS data to be sent back to Allxon Portal.  Using this information, MSPs can locate and retrieve the devices even when they appear unresponsive. 


OOB Sensor Monitoring: Bolt includes several interfaces to connect any sensor onto the OOB Enabler, such as a battery detection sensor, temperature sensor, GPS tracker, etc., for close remote monitoring and management on Allxon Portal.  With added real-time data made possible with a 4G LTE wireless connection, MSPs can detect abnormalities instantly and take measures to prolong drone performances or prevent disasters.  


Solving Glitches: Bolt's most important feature lies in its power cycling solutions.  As one of the most powerful disaster recovery methods, Allxon swiftDR for Power Cycling aids MSPs in instantly resolving system errors or malfunctions by remotely turning drones ON/OFF even when the devices appear unresponsive, saving the farm both critical time and money. 


Bear the Fruits of Your Investments by “Bolt”-ing Drone Operations  


There is no doubt that smart drone farming is fast propelling the advancement of precision agriculture.  However, the learning curve and temperamental aspects of these devices can still be challenging.  Allxon’s enhanced OOB Enabler, Bolt, answers this dilemma by providing simple remote edge AI device management services that allow the agricultural industry to enter the new age of drone farming with confidence. 


Get in touch for more information about the Allxon Bolt OOB Enabler.

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