Allxon Empowers Immersive Technology in Smart Cities

In 2022, Osense Technology launched the 5G OMO Multi-Functional Interactive System Project throughout Taiwan. This interactive system includes smart digital signage and AI cameras with a “floating touch” experience that allows users to seamlessly navigate on a smart screen without the need to touch the display.

The rollout extends to railway kiosks with smart displays across train stations in Kaoshiung and the city’s LRT Software Technology Station–changing how the public interacts with technology.

Allxon made it possible for Osense Technology to remotely monitor and manage their ADLINK Jetson NX and Jetson Nano-based devices. With tools such as remote Tegrastats and performance tuning, operators can monitor device health and manage clock frequencies in real time, setting up device alerts and temperature thresholds to help prevent operating systems from overheating. Osense Technology also made great use of Allxon’s “take screenshot” feature to ensure their immersive displays played the correct information and information throughout their project lifecycle.


The ADLINK DLAP-211 NVIDIA Jetson platform is a high-performance, low-power consumption and small form factor edge-computing device. Connected to a camera, the device allows users to view the virtual scene in augmented reality(AR). The NVDEC accelerated image decoding, TensorRT optimized deep learning program, and DeepStream help to provide comprehensive and high-quality AI content through the DLAP-211 Jetson platform.

The NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX-based ADLINK EOS-JNX AI-vision platform features compact design, high integration, PoE technology, and proven thermal and electrical stability. It offers better AI computing power to deal with pose detection and people flow analysis. This makes it ideal for stable edge-AI inference operations in space-constraint integrations such as kiosks.



Smart city use case




It has been thrilling to see how the integration of Allxon’s remote device management solutions in ADLINK’s NVIDIA Jetson systems have streamlined and enabled the brilliance of Osense Technology’s immersive smart displays that can be found from railway platforms to innovative exhibitions around the country.


- Alex Liu, Allxon CEO


Business Impact and Results

The integration of Allxon remote device management solutions on all of ADLINK’s NVIDIA Jetson edge-AI devices made it possible for Osense Technology to successfully maintain operational fluency throughout their smart city projects. Allxon’s solutions effectively help to cut CO2 emissions caused by traveling on-site for technical support, contributing to a greener, smarter world.

With Allxon’s solutions integrated to streamline technical operations, Osense Technology successfully elevated technological experiences throughout Taiwan using their 5G OMO multifunctional interactive systems and Oexpo Smart Exhibition systems. This has helped take smart city applications to greater heights.

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Source: NVIDIA. (2023). Embedded Systems - NVIDIA Jetson Success Stories. [online]



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