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MSP Managing Edge AI: the Collective Effort in Saving Our Planet

Allxon drives a low carbon economy with Out-Of-Band power cycling tools and Over-The-Air updates.

Let’s be honest, being a part of the edge AI revolution is pretty cool, but we can no longer ignore the concerning environmental impacts AI too has on our beautiful planet Earth. While we are a little in too deep with tech and innovation, it is not too late to keep the world turning with sustainable solutions that can massively reduce carbon footprints, and also create better working conditions for everyone.


Making a Difference 


Businesses have truly done an incredible job integrating AI technology to push for smarter, more efficient methods of business operations. Touching all corners of the earth, edge AI has been applied across all industries to also better handle resources. With monitoring and deep predictive capabilities, AI can use accumulated data to help businesses manage supplies, eliminate waste, and significantly reduce carbon emission in large sectors like transportation, energy, manufacturing, agriculture etc. 


The “Power” of AI


While the world has evolved into this new wave of edge AI-driven technology to cater to our environmental needs, edge AI operators have yet some catching-up to do. 


Cities that integrate smart traffic systems can help to reduce road congestion, which can then significantly lower the carbon emission rate. However, outdated methods of edge AI management and maintenance are still feeding the carbon monster: A small managed service provider (MSP) with just 10 field technicians is estimated to travel 541,440 km a year just for on-site maintenance, emitting approximately 130 tons of carbon dioxide (with averaging carbon tax rates paid off at $42.29/per ton) annually. Not only does this indicate the numbers for just 1 of the millions of MSPs providing services around the world, it also brings to our attention the impact and overhead traveling, labor, and environmental costs spent supporting our edge AI heroes. 


The Collective Effort: A Greener AI/IoT Ecosystem


Edge AI technology is certainly helping to run more carbon-free economies and lessening the risks of future generations, but if, as the saying goes: “it takes a village to raise a child,” then in our case, it should take an entire AI/IoT ecosystem to raise many more!


Allxon is an energy-conscious, remote edge AI device management Saas company that pushes for the use of greener technology. Inspired by the philosophy of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in business operations and environmental sustainability, Allxon innovates solutions to help service providers reduce carbon footprints in every industry and to create healthier and safer working conditions for people.


Allxon’s simple yet powerful Out-Of-Band Power Cycling tool is an energy-saving switch to help businesses remotely power ON and completely power OFF edge devices. Their Over-The-Air updates also cut out the need to put field technicians through hours of dreadful traffic just to modify or update edge AI software. Using Allxon’s unified portal, businesses can schedule remote AI model updates on a large scale, ensuring thousands of edge devices are then powered OFF completely once updates are done. Of their many incredible green solutions, their patented technology: Allxon swiftDR OOB Enabler is a highly integrable Out-Of-Band solution that enables powerful remote device control services on all types of edge devices, consuming less than 0.5 W of power!  


Empowering Our Heroes 


Allxon urges service providers to integrate greener solutions to continue empowering incredible technology like Artificial Intelligence. A simple integration of Allxon’s remote services can save an MSP company of 10 technicians 2/3 on travel, which, according to the calculations of Thomas Crowther (the co-chairman of the United Nations Decade on Ecosystem Restoration advisory board) amounts to saving 770 trees annually, per company. 


We need to stay smarter than our smart technology so that we, and future generations to come, can breathe a little better on this planet we call home.


Want to know more about Allxon? Check out their eco-friendly power cycling tool, and so much more at Instant Disaster Recovery AI/IoT Solution | Allxon

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