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How Japan’s Healthcare is Improving Elderly Patient Monitoring Through Remote Management Service

COVID-19 quarantine has opened our eyes to the usefulness of remote healthcare monitoring

Allxon Develops Patient Monitoring by Being Connected to What’s Vital Through Central Device Management Service

Japan’s Aging Population

Japan’s population is aging faster than any country on earth1. The population of those 65 years and older has risen to 35-57 million which is a record-high 28.1% of the population and more than 38% of the population will be over 65 by 2065 making it the leading“aging society” 1. This has led to an increase in healthcare requirements but also created population problems that are straining its economy. Getting to suitable healthcare in rural and even urban Japan is becoming an issue that the Japanese government is trying to solve. Caregivers and medical staff are inundated with requests to provide professional services to the elderly that sometimes live alone and don’t want to leave the comforts of their own homes for medical attention.

Allxon has been working closely with one of Japan’s healthcare organizations to improve communication between professional medical staff and patient care. Allxon assists and works together with Acer Smart Product Wellness / Senior Care department to operate the Senior Care home service. Allxon provides the device management service. Japan’s prefectures can hardly cope with the impact of new viruses but Allxon’s new lease on an alternative solution might save Japan’s elderly and in turn create a new method to support remote healthcare.

Elderly Healthcare Remote Management - Wellness Hub

In these difficult health environment times, we as people are faced with social distancing becoming the norm and it is even more important for the elderly population in Japan to see this through because they are the more vulnerable in cases like this. But the elderly has been living with this issue before the outbreak of the recent COVID-19 pandemic and as many stay at home their health has deteriorated because of a lack of the best healthcare on offer. Clinics can send nurses and caregivers to patient homes, but this is time consuming and expensive.

Acer and its Wellness Hub in partnership with Allxon and the Japanese health authorities are embracing remote health care services by offering a system to manage, collect, and monitor a patient’s daily health data measurements from their homes and interact with them through LTE and Bluetooth devices to detect their blood glucose levels, blood pressure, body composition scales, and a hydro thermometer to detect room temperature and humidity.

The Challenges

Nurses and medical staff must work around the clock to help their current patient population as well as the elderly. Reaching the elderly in their homes is the first problem, followed by having a mechanism to constantly monitor their vital health signs, and then diagnosing or determining the best practices to care for the patients. These challenges are hard to overcome; however, the non-intrusive home tracking hardware made it possible by using the latest IoT devices and a back-end remote central portal. The technology has proven that a SaaS solution is viable and non-intrusive.

Allxon’s Solution

Allxon provides a convenient method whereby the Allxon Device Management Solutions (Allxon DMS) ensures all healthcare devices such as blood pressure and glucose level sensors are working normally and without downtime. If for some reason these signs are out of the norm or get disconnected, a warning message will be sent directly to the caregivers as well as the IT teams to troubleshoot technical issues remotely first before sending out staff to the site to query the device. This is critical in reducing costly nursing and engineer man hours visiting each site to assist with the elderly. This is only made possible through Allxon Device Management Portal which keeps track of hardware performance, CPU load times, overheating, and the general device upkeep.

With the Allxon Device Management Solutions (Allxon DMS), the installed IoT devices are being monitored constantly. This device monitoring & management services do not only provide device status information bus also makes sure caregivers are in good hands to get the elderly’s health status from IoT devices. Without these 24 / 7 device monitoring services, caregivers, nurses, and doctors would be in the dark as to what help they can provide to the elderly. The Allxon Device Management Portal is the central portal to all IoT devices as it checks hardware uptime while minimizing device downtime or hardware failure. The Allxon DMS is foolproof, consistent, and reliable. Caregivers need these types of systems to offer crucial services to the sick.

Again, the combination of the Allxon Device Management Solution and the Acer Wellness Management Console provides total solution to daily health monitoring such as blood pressure, weight levels, room temperature, and activity level on Japanese elderly. Allxon’s solution keeps everyone connected and happy. Happy people mean a healthy lifestyle. Allxon keeps the devices healthy while the Acer Wellness Hub monitors elderly health.



1 Forbes - Why Japan’s Aging Population Is An Investment Opportunity on Nov.12, 2018

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How Japan’s Healthcare is Improving Elderly Patient Monitoring Through Remote Management Service

COVID-19 quarantine has opened our eyes to the usefulness of remote healthcare monitoring

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