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The Driving Force Behind Seamless Smart Parking Operations: Instant Edge AI Solutions

Allxon provides instant Over-The-Air AI model updates and device provisioning services to accelerate smart parking operations.

How many times this week have you picked up the phone to a fed up client, urging you to call on-site technical support for not-so-smart parking enforcement systems? There are faster ways to keep your clients happy and your nerves intact.


Driving In Customers 


Intelligent parking enforcement technologies are meant to streamline traffic flow coming in and out of commercial establishments. Businesses enjoy this method of operation because, not only does it encourage customer flow, but the entire AI-optimized parking experience leaves impatient drivers highly impressed and likely to return to the vicinity. 


Smart Parking Technology Considerations


Now, as promising as the technology may sound, it does not come without its challenges. With smart technology becoming smarter, we tend to forget that they are only machines — machines that have their own issues, and that need maintenance and care.


Smart parking machines that have license plate recognition (LPR) technology need to withstand different indoor and outdoor environments. Volatile climate changes and different lighting throughout the course of the day are some of the many factors that can affect accurate vehicle license plate detection. Dust and car exhausts may also smog up AI-optimized parking camera lenses causing faulty detection or system disruption. Additionally, the nature of AI-driven parking ticket machines need to be constantly updated so they can continue to provide the most efficient and seamless services to its impatient drive-in customers.



Allxon Cares for Better Services


Thankfully there are remote service companies that are committed to providing smoother edge AI operations in smart cities. Without the need for expensive and time-consuming on-site maintenance and technical support, remote edge device solutions make it possible to mass manage and monitor parking machines using simple SaaS platforms.


Allxon offers savvy remote management solutions for smart parking technology providers. With impressive tools that cater to the efficiency and scalability needed for in-demand smart parking machine installations, Allxon features an Over-The-Air Services for faster deployment and AI model updating. Using their easy-to-navigate, single, unified platform, Allxon makes it possible for operators to efficiently provision, then frequently update thousands of edge AI-powered parking ticket machines, all in one go. The attraction lies in their ability to conduct remote management on thousands of parking enforcement technologies, scattered over numerous locations.  


Allxon also addresses the challenges of parking machine functionality with device monitoring features like screenshots and system health status monitoring to ensure license plate recognition cameras and systems are kept in optimal condition for accurate detection.


“All services ON, All business ON”


Businesses are constantly finding new ways to attract in-store customers, so the rise in demand for smart technology that motivates faster drive-in visitors comes as no surprise. Allxon optimizes and drives seamless edge AI operations to keep all services and business ON for unbeatable first-rate customer experiences.



Recommended System:

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● AIE100-903-FL-NX, AIE500-901-FL, AIE800-904-FL 

(1) aie100-903-fl

 AIE100-903-FL-NX(Learn More

(2) aie500-901-fl

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(3) aie800-904-fl

 AIE800-904-FL(Learn More




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